Income-producing real estate investing

Long-term residential rental property in New England


We Acquire Properties of Value

  • 5-200 units per acquisition

  • Attractive 8-15% capitalization rate with defined areas for improvement once acquired

  • Target high cash-flow opportunities; some immediate and some with the opportunity for renovations to produce above average market cap rates

  • Capital structure benefits from moderate use of leverage


We Improve Tenant and Community Experiences

  • Employ sophisticated, cloud-based property management technology to enhance tenants experience and minimize administrative burden

  • Leverage scale to reduce operating and management costs

  • Professionalize management to create well-maintained and desirable property experiences for communities and tenants

  • Reduce operating costs and add value through technology and property enhancements

  • Execute capital expenditures where resulting revenue increase, or expense decrease, will result in more than 2x return at sale


We Offer Exposure to a Niche Real Estate Market

  • Our first fund is currently in market and offered to accredited investors

  • Fund is already seeded with 59 units in 5 sub-markets


We Serve Our Investors.

Deliberate and thoughtful capital stewardship in proprietary, income-generating properties with appreciation potential.


We Serve Our Tenants.

Enhance the quality of our properties through professional management and investment; improve living conditions and making Cutter properties more desirable than their peers.


We Serve Our Communities.

Create stability through long-term investments in housing and commitment to first-class professional management.


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