Property Investment Attributes

  • High volume of proprietary deals with exclusive access

  • 5-200 units per acquisition

  • Attractive 8-15% capitalization rate with defined areas for improvement once acquired

  • Target high cash-flow opportunities; some immediate and some with the opportunity for renovations to produce above average market cap rates

  • Opportunity for cost reduction and rent increases over the holding period

  • Capital structure benefits from 50-75% leverage

Property Management Strategy

  • Employ sophisticated, cloud-based property management technology to minimize administrative burden

  • Leverage scale to reduce operating costs and professionalize management to create well maintained and desirable property conditions

  • Aggressively pursue operating cost reductions in both the short and long term

  • Identify opportunities to increase rental rates through market normalization or property improvement

  • Execute capital expenditures where resulting revenue increase, or expense decrease, will result in more than 2x return at sale

Fund Attributes

  • $20 million Target Fund Raise

  • First close on December 14, 2018, at which time there will be 59 units in the portfolio, all occupied and all cash flowing with material cost saving opportunities identified.

  • 8.0% Preferred Return

  • 20-25% IRR and 2-3x target return profile

  • ~5% Annual Current Pay, Paid Quarterly

  • 2% Management Fee, 20% Carried Interest



We Serve Our Investors

Deliberate and thoughtful capital stewardship in proprietary, cash flow generating properties with appreciation potential.


We Serve Our Tenants

Raising the quality of our properties through professional management and investment; improving living conditions and making Cutter properties more desirable than their peers.


We Serve Our Communities

Creating stability through long-term investments in housing and commitment to top quality professional management.



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